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Stuart Sim

Critical Theory

What might a 'theory of everything' look like? Is science an ideology? Who were Adorno, Horkheimer or the Frankfurt School? The decades since the 1960s have seen an explosion in the production of critical theories. Deconstructionists, poststructuralists, postmodernists, second-wave feminists, new historicists, cultural materialists, postcolonialists, black critics and queer theorists, among a host of others, all vie for our attention. Stuart Sim and Borin Van Loon's incisive graphic guide provides a route through the tangled jungle of competing ideas and provides an essential historical context, situating these theories within tradition of critical analysis going back to the rise of Marxism. They present the essential methods and objectives of each theoretical school in an incisive and accessible manner, and pay special attention to recurrent themes and concerns that have preoccupied a century of critical theoretical activity.
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  • césar dominguezfez uma citaçãohá 4 anos
    The work of the Russian aesthetician Georgi Plekhanov (1856–1918) is a good example of crude reflectionism. For Plekhanov, art was a recorder of social developments. By examining the art of a given period, we could pin down that period’s ideological character also. This meant that we could indeed “read off” the ideology from the art. If the art was decadent, then it must have been the product of socio-political decadence: a direct reflection of it, in fact
  • césar dominguezfez uma citaçãohá 4 anos
    Once again, we notice Marx’s critical insistence on the hidden: religion, politics, law, etc. – everything cultural that we “live by” – disguises and renders perfectly natural an economic means of production that is unnatural
  • Yana Ranshakovafez uma citaçãohá 4 anos
    Quantum mechanics asserts that we cannot plot the position of any sub-atomic particle with certainty.
    Chaos theory permits randomness and determinism to exist simultaneously in systems.

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