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Herbert Wells

The Time Machine

The Time Machine is the novel that gave us the concept of — and even the word for — a «time machine». While it’s not Wells’ first story involving time travel, it is the one that most fully fleshes out the concept of a device that can send a person backwards and forwards in time with complete precision. Time machines have since become a staple of the science fiction and fantasy genres, making The Time Machine one of the most deeply influential science fiction novels of the era.
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    Did you know that HG Wells was the first person to mention the word "Time Traveller" in a book?

  • Zack Havlincompartilhou uma impressãohá 4 anos
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    I love this book. A classic sci-fi story about an 19th century time traveler to a distant future. The book isn’t for everyone as it’s fairly cliche, but I personally enjoyed the story very much.

  • lpheonixxcompartilhou uma impressãohá 8 anos
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    I love H.G. Wells.


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