Jamila Mafra

For Love and Faith, The Days At Auschwitz

Published by Mafra Editions, Publishing House based Joinville city, Santa Catarina/Brazil, the book ' For Love and Faith, The Days at Auschwitz' is a work of historical fiction that has already conquered thousands of readers in Brazil and worldwide!Mia lived a happy and normal life with her family and her boyfriend in Germany in the 1930s. True to her beliefs, she propagated the teachings of her religion with pleasure and devotion. Until the arrival of Hitler to power put at stake her whole life and the lives of her family members.Threatened by an increasingly explicit Nazi spread, Mia saw her temples destroyed and her religion increasingly persecuted. Forbidden to demonstrate public acts of faith, she, her family, and her boyfriend then begin to exercise their religion in a veiled way. However, the strategy does not work for long.Mia then sees a series of unexpected and heartbreaking events take over her life. She will have to deal with death, loneliness, persecution and the ravaging sadness of an anguished soul. Will her faith be able to keep her head held high in the face of so many atrocities committed by the Nazi regime and the constant threat of the worst, which seems closer and closer?
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