Liadán Hynes,Ellen Keane

Perfectly Imperfect

Learn to love your imperfect, messy self just as you are.
Ellen Keane spent most of her teens extremely uncomfortable with her limb difference and battling to hide her insecurities. It was only when she embraced her difference that she found her superpower. She started to believe in her unique abilities and gradually find the success that she had never dreamed possible.
Perfectly Imperfect is for anyone struggling to accept who they are. With anecdotes from her own life, practical advice and good-natured humour, Ellen challenges you to let go of waiting until everything is perfect and instead embrace your imperfections and accept who you are, flaws and all. It might just change your life.
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  • Blondie Paulusfez uma citaçãohá 4 meses
    When you have a difference, adapting to situations is a skill that you learn from a very young age. So when things happen now, and there might be a bit of panic, I’m able to think outside the box a lot more easily than other people because I have learned there is always more than one way of doing something.
  • Blondie Paulusfez uma citaçãohá 4 meses
    I do things for me, and I am comfortable in my own individuality.
  • Princess Castillofez uma citaçãohá 2 meses
    Growing up, as far as I could see there was nobody in the world who looked like me. Nobody I knew, no celebrity, nobody in the media, nobody with a body like mine who I could look up to
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