Kennedy Fox

This is Love

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    pitch black, and it looks like no one is home.

    Travis stops us about midway up the porch stairs
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    Good, because I’m not sharing you with anyone else.”
    “You can’t just be a caveman and claim me,” I tease as his thumb lingers over my bottom lip.
    “Sure, I can. You’re mine.”
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    Don’t get cocky,” I tease. “When the drugs are all out of your system, you’ll be back to pissing me off, I’m sure.”
    “I can do that while I’m on drugs,” he mocks
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    You have to actually be helpful, though, Vi. He’s going to be sore and on pain meds. Just make him some lunch and make sure he stays hydrated.”
    “So, play Betty Crocker and greet his one-night stands at the door?” The words leave my mouth before I can stop myself.
    He shakes his head at me with a knowing grin. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two were secretly in love with each other.”
    I nearly choke on my saliva
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    “The King lives.”
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