Robin Sacredfire

Awakening to Abundance: How Life Works to Force Your Spiritual Growth and Help You Find Yourself

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Life on earth if full of contradictions, differences and contrasts that complement themselves in order to provide a greater understanding about the meaning of our spiritual existence.

Very few people are capable of analyzing these facts from different perspectives and combine the reasons that allow perceiving God’s plan, making it possible to manifest a more abundant life. Indeed, existence has a purpose as a whole and our personal life interacts within this dynamic in order to lead our soul to its ascension.

Whoever said that heaven is just a door outside death didn’t disclose the complete truth and lack of such awareness is what forces many to reincarnate several times and repeat the same mistakes despite their faith or religious practices.

In this book, you will have a chance to understand the rules that govern our planet and how to apply them in life, not only to fulfill God’s intentions, but also so that “you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers” (John 1:2, in the Bible).

A thoughtful explanation is here provided to allow meditating on why humans live on earth and why this is a prison planet, what is the relation between God and the rich, how can a person become wealthier while also growing spiritually and which laws must be noticed, kept and applied to live abundantly with our real identity.
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  • Lliafez uma citaçãohá 8 anos
    Wealth is the easiest and most direct path to freedom and you must be wealthy to be free. Only such honest purpose, of releasing yourself from this planet by following its paradigms, can release you from the sacrifices of the flesh with the help of God. Besides, only the honest wealthy men can sleep well at night, enjoy a peaceful heartbeat and feel at ease with their own thoughts.
  • Lliafez uma citaçãohá 8 anos
    You can’t be free if you’re poor, and it’s much harder for a poor person to make a living and be honest than it is for a rich one. Poor people do not have access to books, time to read or joy in learning, and you can’t study with an empty stomach. It is undoubtedly true that the poor are farer from the truth than the rich.
  • Lliafez uma citaçãohá 8 anos
    they are seen as lucky because they have decided to do the right thing in the right moment for the right people

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