Herbert K. Naito

The Funky Donkey Tells His Story about His First Ski Lesson

Virtually all of the children's comic books on skiing are about entertaining the child; nothing is ever written about SAFETY. There are three factors in the Professional Ski Motto: Safety, Fun, and Learning. This book not only includes Entertainment for the child, but also focuses on ways to ski Safely. The many invaluable tips are included on how to go slower and how to follow the safety rules, which are priceless. The Leaming tips used in this comic book are the same fundamental methods taught at the ski schools by certified children's instructors.

He spent 40 years in the medical profession. For fun, he coached skiing for over 20 years. He is a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America, and is certified in Alpine Skiing, Level 2; Adaptive Specialist, Level 1; Children's Specialist, Level 2; and Children's Specialist Trainer. Currently he is employed by Vail Resorts and presently on the Vail Educational Staff. He was the former Director of the Children's Advanced Training Specialist, and the Express Pre-School Ski School Programs.
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