Alexandre Dupouy

Alexandre Dupouy is a French publisher, scientific editor, collector, and bookseller. Dupouy has been a leading authority for more than 30 years and has written and contributed to numerous books in his native France.

Alexandre Dupouy has been hunting for old papers since sixteen, with a bias for erotica. Today his collection of photos, engravings, and libertine books is one of the five most important in France and among the fifty most beautiful in the world.

Certainly interested in the documents coming from famous collections, as that of Michel Simon, he does not like so much the meetings of anonymous people who come to make estimates of their finds, family or not.

He is the founder and the owner of the Parisian emporium Les Larmes d'Éros specializing in old erotic books and creating the Astarté editions, which produce quality works around libertinage and eroticism. Open by appointment only, this treasure trove of a shop is more like a museum than an ordinary bookstore.

Alexandre Dupouy is also a photographer. He currently lives in Paris.

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“Eroticism lies in the possibility of a movement. It belongs to the realm of the dream.”

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