Martin G. Welsh

Golden State Killer Book: What Lies Beneath The True Story of the East Area Rapist Psychopath A.K.A. The Night Stalker That Kills In The Dark (Serial Killers True Crime Documentary Series)

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The Golden State Killer was one of the most prolific predators in U.S. history. He terrorized the suburbs of Sacramento, and, later in his spree, near Los Angeles, hundreds of miles to the south.
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This audiobook provides a brief overview of the crimes committed by the so-called “Golden State Killer” who terrorized California for more than a decade.
Investigators initially believed that the case had gone cold for good and the killer would never be identified. But the dogged efforts of those who wanted to see justice done, aided by a technological breakthrough, finally led to an arrest, and closure for the survivors of the crimes and the families of the victims.
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The Arrest
The Visalia Ransacker
The East Area Rapist
The Original Night Stalker
The Aftermath
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