HR Generalist

About us

Bookmate is a subscription based e-book service that makes reading accessible to anyone in the world with a mobile phone. We inspire millions of people around the globe to read more, discover new books and find new friends with common interests.

We’re also an international and distributed small team of enthusiasts who love books, reading and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Our employees are experts in multiple different fields of knowledge: tech, design, marketing, content distribution, data science and business intelligence, social media, book production etc..

About you

We’re looking for an equally enthusiastic HR Generalist with lots of opportunities to grow into an HR Director role.

For now, we’re aiming to cover our most crucial HR needs (which are a wide range of different tasks and responsibilities):

  • Administrative tasks:
    • Maintaining the actual employee information (who collaborates with us in what way, who’s in what team, who reports to whom etc..)
    • Keeping track of work time (sick leaves, vacancies, etc..)
    • In collaboration with Finance, keeping track of payroll
    • In collaboration with heads of departments and top management, keeping track of benefits, compensations and promotions given to employees
  • Compliance-oriented duties: in collaboration with our lawyers, maintaining the base of employee documentation (such as contracts) and making sure that we’re compliant with the local law no matter where the employee is currently located
  • Recruiting: in close collaboration with heads of departments and top management, researching and recruiting candidates through various channels. Our top priority is recruiting for tech positions.

We’re waiting for you to join our team! To make this collaboration as long and productive as possible, please consider our requirements for the position:

  • At least 3-4 years of experience on a similar position
  • Proven experience and willingness to work in a multicultural and multilingual team
  • Ability to handle and maintain confidential information
  • Willingness to learn about applicable local laws and regulations related to employment, contracts, taxes and payroll in the countries where our employees are located
  • Experience in overseeing payroll and benefits administration
  • Proven experience of successful recruiting for tech and tech-related positions, excellent interviewing skills
  • Fluency in social media, particularly in researching and recruiting candidates through channels such as Linkedin
  • Ability to build and maintain team morale and promote corporate culture
  • Strong English language skills (both written and spoken) - no less than B2

Bonus points and kudos from our side, if you have:

  • A proven experience of working in a mostly tech team / recruiting for tech companies
  • A proven experience of building any sort of performance review system from scratch

Our hiring process (Want to change it? Come work with us)

Like what you see? We’re glad to hear that. Our hiring process is very simple:

  • Send your CV and/or a portfolio of projects to A hiring manager will contact you and invite you for a quick screening interview by Google Meet or Zoom (appr. 30 minutes). We’ll talk about your previous experiences and answer any questions about Bookmate as a company.
  • If the screening interview goes well, you’ll be invited to a technical interview with CTO and/or your future team members.
  • After the technical interview, no more than 1 week passes before we’re ready to share the final decision with you.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bookmate an international company?

Yes, we’re working on European, Latin American and Asian markets. Our team is international and distributed all over the world.

Does Bookmate offer any options for relocation?

We’re currently offering the option to relocate to Belgrade, Serbia. If you’re willing to relocate, we can provide you with the details of what exactly can we do to make this process easier. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with relocation to another country.

Does Bookmate support remote work?

Yes, but you should be available during typical CET working hours. If you’re close to one of our offices, you’re very welcome to come work in it.

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